Development Process

How we like to work

We have a robust process for delivering high quality products at an affordable price. It’s really important that you understand this process before you start working with us and that you are comfortable with it. Please take a look below but if you would like to discuss the process in more detail get in touch and our team member will be happy to guide you through it.

Please note that all work is done in-house by our Vietnam team and we do not outsource any aspect of our work.

01 Define a problem

Please contact us directly via telephone or email to let us know the difficulty you are facing. We will define exactly the problem you need to solve.

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02 Strategy & Consult

After you sign up we will ask you to complete a short design questionnaire. This allows us to understand what you want and we can then research what other similar companies do. We also look at current design trends, what we know works well from a marketing perspective and other strong external industry websites. This stage is all about us understanding what you want but adding our design and marketing experience to complement your project.

03 Mindmapping & Sketching

Your website designer will create a design for you to review and then work with you until you are happy to sign it off. We offer unlimited revisions until sign off and it’s important that we do not start the build until you are ready. Please note that once the design is approved and the project moves onto the build stage any design changes may incur an additional charge.

04 Feedback

We will receive your feedback in each section – from foundation to design. Each comment contributes greatly to the completion of the project.

05 Implement

In parallel with the design, we also built website for testing. We try to get the key point of the business process and thoroughly improve the produc.

06 Feedback

Feedback is constantly important at this stage. We and you communicate in Agile method to get the best results.

07 Operate

At this step, the final product is launched. Does it run well? Is Interface, design friendly with you, your customers or warehouse staff? The final answer is found here.

08 Maintenance

As we said before, we are with you throughout the life of the product to make sure that you can easily use it and all the problems are resolved immediately to avoid damage of your business.