What we do

We create end-to-end solutions, from concept and strategy, to design, implementation and support, helping clients tackle the challenges of operating and organisations to achieve their business goals. 

To every project, we bring a combination of industry knowledge, unique company culture and some of the best technical talent in the world. 

Our expertise ranges from building bespoke website/software development solutions, mobile applications and cloud services to business process re-engineering. We create innovative projects, keeping in mind all our clients desires.

What makes us different? Well, our attitude, our passion and our people. We really love what we do and enjoy the process.

Responsive, Mobile Friendly Design

There are many ways you can create a website for your business, but if you opt for our web design service you will get a professionally designed website to your exact requirements.

Whilst the functionality of our packages is fixed, the design is completely bespoke and we don't use templates. The website is designed by our in-house Vietnam team and we offer unlimited revisions until you're happy.

All our websites are responsive (mobile friendly). Responsive websites allow a site to adapt to different screen sizes, so you can offer visitors the best possible experience.

If you would like to talk about how we can improve your operational efficiencies through Website Responsive Development please send us an online enquiry today or contact us.

Fun Facts Yoong's Platform

of Coffee and Tea

Lotte Cinema Vietnam

Hoozing - An online marketplace for searching and renting

Pin Taxi - Concept

Pin Carry - Delivery App

Vietnam HR Summit 2017 - Largest HR conference in Vietnam

TVDO - Success is the sum of small efforts, repeated day in and day out

Muzu - Movies | TV Shows | Movie Trailers | Reviews

FanFan - Leading travel shop

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The technological development of mobile devices, smartphones and tablets has become an integral part of day to day life in both our personal lives, but more importantly in the corporate IT environment.

With emerging applications in the cloud, the explosion of mobility, and the convergence of computing, telecommunications and broadcast, businesses across industries are experiencing new pressures as well as opportunities.

Wherever devices are used, correctly designed bespoke digital platforms can contribute significantly to operational efficiency through enhancing the productivity or safety of field based staff; or in commercial environments, improving responsiveness and engagement with new and existing customers.

Yoong helps organisations effectively manage their application portfolio through customisable solutions. We empower our clients with transformational value by leveraging our proven deployment techniques and industry best practices to create change-the-business, run-the-business and cross-functional IT solutions.

  • Software as a service (SaaS)
  • Platform as a service (PaaS)
  • Custom Application Development
  • Application Maintenance and Support
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